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Inventory Control: What It Means for Your Business



It may be reasonable to say that inventory management is more essential in the jewelry and eyewear businesses than any other business because of how small yet valuable the products are. Thus, it can lead to complications when it comes to preventing loss or theft by misplacement.

Furthermore, the high purchase cost of this merchandise means that poor asset management leads to critical cash flow problems. Jewelry and eyeglasses go out of style and become obsolete. The longer an item sits on a shelf, the greater the chances are that it will never sell at all. Those unsold items will have to be written off or heavily discounted, which is definitely not what a business owner wishes to do. Those items also need to be stored, counted and handled which translates to unneeded overhead.

In order to avoid these complications, successful jewelry retailers and eyewear retailers should always have an inventory management software system and the necessary tools to go with it. “What are these tools?” you may ask. That is a great question! The answer is simple: price tags, printed with a barcode.

To get started, you will need jewelry tags or eyewear tags, a thermal transfer printer, a printing ribbon and a barcode printing software. Labels have proven to be the best method to price and identify jewelry and eyewear items. When used with a label printing software, tags can be printed with a barcode which can hold a medley of information. When paired with an inventory control software, we obtain an excellent inventory management system that will help you gain control of your businesses cash flow.

It just so happens that BijouTAG™ offers a variety of high quality tags for jewelry and eyewear, top of the line thermal printers, excellent smudge-proof, fade-proof, water resistant ribbons and the best barcode printing software in the industry. And what’s even more convenient is that we offer all of these as part of an affordable starter printing kit.

Jewelry Tag and Eyewear Tag Printing Kit

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