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Tags vs. Labels



You might have noticed that we use the words “tag” and “label” a fair amount in our product titles and descriptions (i.e. jewelry tags, eyewear labels). We hope to clear things up a bit with this post to avoid any confusion.

When we use the word “labels” we are referring to adhesive labels that can be attached to an object in order to display information. When we say “tags” we are referring to labels that can fold onto themselves in order to hang off items to identify them (i.e. price tags).

Label and Tag comparison with JDB-1 jewelry labels

We frequently use these 2 words interchangeably because our jewelry tags are also jewelry labels and our eyewear tags are also eyewear labels. These tags come in the form of labels on rolls or sheets which makes it very convenient for printing pricing information, barcodes, serial numbers, graphics, and more, in order to identifying jewelry and optical frames. They are ideal for proper inventory control.

Jewelry Tag printed with a barcode for inventory control

Jewelry label/tag printed with a barcode #JDB-1

Our line of product also includes labels in simple shapes (i.e. rectangles, circles, ovals) that do not fold into tags. We are also capable of making tags that are not adhesive labels. For more information, gives us a call

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